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Quick But Important Tips On Basement Remodeling And Finishing

Underground: it’s not just for earthworms, velvet, or railroads any more! If you’re thinking about adding square footage to your home, but your budget is meager, consider finishing your basement. It’s an easy and affordable way to increase your usable space.

You can use the lack of light in basements to your advantage and convert it into a home theatre. Or, if your teenager is a Twilight fan, convert your basement into a room for the vampire aficionado who haunts your house. If you’re an old-school shutterbug, you can turn it into a dark room.

If dark and spooky is not your thing, install windows to increase the natural light. Or install canned lighting and fixtures. Add a lamp or two for good measure. With enough windows, ixtures, and lamps, you can shed new light on your once-dark basement.

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