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Give your rooms a facelift

Ready for a change? Few decorating tricks can make as dramatic a difference for as little cost as painting.

From different colors to creative painting methods, there's no end to the variety of looks you can achieve with paint. Splash white walls with vibrant color for a new mood, or stencil a border on a wood floor to subtly, yet impressively, change the atmosphere. To add height to a room, paint crown moldings and baseboards a similar color to walls. To bring a large room down to scale, choose a contrasting color to highlight those architectural details.

It can be hard to figure out where to start when you want to make a color change. But don't just settle for off-white. Look instead for a shade that really pleases you. Experts suggest that you use something you love for inspiration: fabric, art work, flowers or china. Look in your closet and use your wardrobe as a guide to your favorite colors. Tear pictures out of magazines and garden catalogs in .
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